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Plantation Shutters Frequently Asked Questions
1)  What is your square footage price?
Just asking for a square footage price can be deceiving.  For advertising purposes many companies will advertise very low prices such as $13.50 per square foot.  This price usually does not include installation or framing.  Another gimmick to advertise a low price is by charging for more square footage than you are receiving.  Companies do this by adding extra inches for your shutter framing.  For example lets take a common window such as 34" X 58".  We add 3" for framing which is the industry and get 16 square feet.  Many companies with low square footage prices add 6" for framing and on this same size window come up with 18 square feet.  They may have a lower price per square foot, but they are charging you for more product than you are getting.

2)  Do you do quotes over the phone?
Yes.  We would be happy to give you a quote over the phone.  Once again you do not want tocall around asking for the best square footage price.  What you want to do is call with a list of rough measurements for all of your windows.  When comparing prices with other companies you want to make sure that their final price includes framing, tax & installation.  All quotes by EJ's will be a final out the door price and will not change when we arrive in your home.

3)  Are basswood shutters a lot more expensive than poly shutters?
No.  In most cases basswood shutters are a couple of dollars more per square foot than a polywood shutter.  In our case we do a high volume of basswood shutters averaging about 90% of our sales in basswood.  Due to this fact we have negotiated a great price for basswood shutters from our manufacturer.  Even though we could walk into a house and charge extra for the basswood, and probably get away with it, we choose to pass these savings onto you the customer.  Our price for basswood shutters is the same as our price for poly shutters.  We think the choice of which shutter you choose should be based on what works for you, not what is least expensive.

4)  Do you charge extra for shutter options?
No.  There is no extra cost for any of our options.  Many customers think that decorative frames, hinges and design options are more expensive, therefore many shutter companies charge you extra for them.  The truth is most shutter manufacturers don't charge dealers extra for these options, it is just a way to get more money out of the customer.  Our manufacturer does not charge us extra therefore we offer you the customer all options at no extra charge.  Some of these options at no extra cost include:

~Decorative Framing
~2 1/2", 3 1/2" or 4 1/2" Louver Size
~Support T-Posts
~Nickel or Brass Plated Hinges

Here is a list of features that may indeed increase the price of your shutter with EJ's and any other shutter company.

~Odd shaped sizes such as arches or rakes
~Hidden Tilt Rods
~Tracking systems usually over sliding glass doors
~Custom cut-outs usually around french door handles
~Using Stained finish instead of a painted finish

5)  Does a faux wood shutter have to have smaller panels?

No.  Our PolyCore shutter comes with a width of up to 36".  Most faux shutters have a maximum panel width of 30".  This causes problems on 64" & 70" windows forcing the consumer to use 
more panels in the window thus blocking more of your view.  With our PolyCore shutter an aluminum rod is placed inside of all components on the shutter to make the panel more rigid.  With this feature we can do a 36" panel giving the consumer a maximum view.
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